Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cleaning Day

The chair we were trying to move was cursed by a demon.

Matt knew that the only way to destroy it...

was by driving a stake

directly through its heart.

God damn, that was one ugly chair lol.

Matt reading a newspaper from a bajillion years ago.

Energy drinks & obnoxious hats are obv a must for cleaning day.

I have too many stuffed animals, but theyre just too damn cute to get rid of.


Anonymous said...

Where did this chair come from? It's straight demonic

Tiffani said...

Lol Its a chair my grandmother had before I moved in. She told me she picked it up on the side of the road hahaha.

michele with one L said...

picked up on the side of the road because the demon was putting a secret spell over her.

lol! the pics and captions are too too funny. plus, i am still scared of her even with a stake thru her heart!!!

Tiffani said...

Yea Nan was certainly possessed when she picked that up haha. And lol she is going to haunt us till the day we die! xD